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5 Great Places to Take Photos in Southern Indiana

What are the best locations on the Indiana side of Louisville, KY for family, engagement, maternity, and portrait photo shoots? Here are some my favorite spots (with examples!)

Looking for the perfect photography session in the Louisville area?

I've got you covered!

Hi, I'm John Osterhoudt, a professional photographer located in New Albany. There are plenty of great locations for all sorts of photography sessions around here without having to cross the bridge. Below are 5 of my favorite places

(in no particular order).

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The Summary

Location 1: Perrin Family Park

Address: 414 Perrin Ln, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

Perrin Family Park is a private park open to the public in Jeffersonville. It's a great place for any kind of portrait session, and my favorite thing about it is that it has so many different backgrounds that are good for all seasons.

Location 2: Downtown New Albany

On and around Market Street in downtown New Albany is super great. You can get a refined urban look, a grungy back-alley feel, or an autumn walk down a busy street. Not only is the area great for photography, it has some of the best restaurants in all of the Louisville area.

Location 3: Lapping Park

Address: 2404 Greentree N, Clarksville, IN 47129

Hidden in the back of a golf course in Clarksville, Lapping Park has wide open spaces, easy hiking trails, and an accessible creek (if you're down for a trek). It's a location that's best for spring and fall.

Location 4: Mount Saint Francis

Address: 101 St Anthony Dr, Mt St Francis, IN 47146

With tons of space surrounding a nice creek, Mt. St. Francis is the perfect place for all kinds of photoshoot any time of the year. Home of the local Franciscan friars, this is a holy place that requires a permit to use for photography. I've got both the permit and experience to make the best use of these beautiful retreat grounds.

Location 5: Charlestown State Park

Address: 3000 State Park Drive, Charlestown, IN 47111

Charlestown State Park is huge, and there are so many great places for photos. We can choose a big open space, a hiking trail, creek beds, and even next to the Ohio River. Unless you have a park pass, there is an entrance fee though!

And that's just a start...

I can take great photos anywhere, and these are just a few of the places around. The other side of the river has a ton of great nature and urban locations, too.

Are you looking for your next photographer? Let's talk!

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