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Hello! I'm John Osterhoudt, a Louisville-based professional photographer and media producer with more than ten years of experience.

My most important job is not being a photographer. It's being a husband and father. When I'm not taking photos, I'm spending time with my family and pursuing a graduate degree in John Paul II Studies at

The University of St. Thomas.

I did my first paid photography gig in 2015 when I was studying theatre directing and video production at Ball State University. That's where I learned to be a video journalist, and that's what I did for over four years after college before quitting to focus on my family and my photography business.

When I was a journalist and producer for Reason, I learned so much about storytelling, truth-telling, and capturing great images. While my views have evolved, that experience still shapes my style as a photographer. Whether I'm photographing weddings, events, or families, I strive for the truth, which I see as a beautiful thing. I have a photojournalistic style with true-to-life colors and warm tones. I can be a fly-on-wall when I need to, and other times I break out my interviewer/director side. It all depends on the story of what I'm capturing. While my work obviously looks good on Instagram, my photography is made for the walls of your home. It's made to outlast all of us and become family memories for future generations. That's really what motivates me.

If you've made it this far, that might mean it'd be a lot of fun for us to work together... so send me a message!

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Get in touch!

While I provide the highest level of photography services, I still strive to be affordable and I never want your budget to be the sole reason we don't work together. If you like my work, reach out and let's talk.

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