Headshot of director John Osterhoudt

John Osterhoudt is a director of film and theatre. While he is formally trained as a theatre director, he has extensive experience in many areas of media production, as well, including photography, cinematography, video/photo editing, audio recording, and more. John prides himself on being a collaborative director, and his diverse background in the worlds of theatre and film enrich that ability.

John's interest in and passion for storytelling is rooted in his desire to deeply explore and understand what makes individuals' actions. The world is a complex place, and to even begin to understand it, one must consider it on many levels of analysis. This same thoughtful analysis must be applied to plays, films, and stories in general. Art often implicitly encapsulates truths about humanity, and in each new play or film John directs, that is what he is striving to learn and then share with his audience.

Photo by Amy Frye


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